Lesson Thirteen

13.  Heaviness of the

The terms and   are synonyms.  The scholars tend to use the word for velarization of the letter , and tend to use the word for velarization of the راء.  Warsh has of the in the following conditions:

A.  has a .

 B. is preceded by , , or .

C. These three letters (, , or ) have either a or a sukoon.

If all three of these conditions are met, then there is of the .  Examples are:

There are two ways of reading the following words (meaning with tafkheem of the and without) because of the alif between the letter causing the tafkheem and the   : in aayah surah al-Baqarah  , and in aayah 128 of surah an-Nissaa'.    

There are also two allowed ways of reading words fulfilling the conditions, but the letter is the last letter of the word, and one is stopping on it with an incidental sukoon. Examples of this are when stopping on the following words:   .

If there is  an alif following the and both and are allowed when stopping and/or continuing on the alif, then two ways are allowed for the , when reading with there is of the and when reading with there is tarqeeq of the .  Examples: (Al-Baqarah 125) , 

(Al-Israa 18, Al-Layl 15) .  

If the only way of reciting the word is with , then there is only tarqeeq of such as when stopping the end of the aayaat on the 10 special suwar that end in in the reading of Warsh:

(Al-Qiyaamah 31) . 

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