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The Tip of the Tongue (part three) PDF Print E-mail

Articulation points of the

These three letters are emitted from the tip of the tongue and the plates of the two front top incisors, at a point just above the two front lower incisors.  There is a little space left in between the tip of the tongue and the plates of the teeth when pronouncing these letters.  The term “plate” refers to the long axis of the tooth, and in this case, the long axis that is on the internal side, rather than the external side of the teeth. 

These letters are also called  letters, which means “whistle”.  They are called that due to the accompany whistle type sound heard when they are emitted properly. 

Common mistakes in these letters

The most common mistake that occurs in the three letters as a group is in the lack of (whistle).  Usually this problem is due to a strong overbite.  Those that have a large overbite though, can still learn to pronounce these letters correctly by making a compensation in the lower jaw.  The lower jaw should be protruded until it aligns with the upper jaw while saying these three letters, and insha’ Allah they will come out clearly with the proper “whistle” sound.  A note to remember, the tongue should not press up against the plates of the teeth or the sound will be incorrectly imprisoned when trying to say these letters. 

Another mistake that occurs singularly in the is not making it heavy enough.  It is one of the tafkheem (heavy) letters, and it also has the characteristic of sticking.  If the is not made heavy enough, it sounds just like, or very close to a .  The sticking of the tongue with the is not at the articulation area, but rather with the back of the tongue.  It sticks to the very back of the soft palate while pronouncing this letter.
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