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Words written separately and together, Al-Maqtoo3 wa Al-MawSool 3 PDF Print E-mail

We continue explaining the words that are written joined or separated in the Glorious Qur'an, please refer to the first two lessons on this subject now located in the tidbit archives for the importance of these lessons.

These two words are usually written , meaning written as "", in the Qur’an, but there are four places that these words are written , or separate.  Sheikh Al-Jazaree said:  

 From these lines we know that the following aayaat have these two words written separately:


The word in the poem , is a referral to surah  because that word uniquely appears in that surah, in ayaah 107. 




These two words are written  in the Qur’an, and there is only two places where they occur, both in surah Al-Baqarah.

 Imam Ibn Al-Jazaree said only:  

The last verb referred to was , so we then understand that they are


These two words are written in the Glorious Qur’an  wherever they occur in the Qur’an.  Imam Ibn Al-Jazaree indicated this when he stated:

An example of this is aayah of surah Al-Balad.


These two words  with a shaddah, and  are divided into three possibilities in their written form in the Qur’an:  (separately),  (joined together), and  (there is a difference [in different copies of the Qur'an] about it).  There is only one place in the revelation where this word is written by all , and that is aayah 134 of Al-An'aam:



There is one place in the Glorious Qur’an where there is a difference as to whether they are written or  , and that is aayah 95 of surah An-Nahl:

Imam Ibn Al-Jazaree, may Allah have mercy on him, said the following about these two words:


These lines of poetry combine "" and "", the place of difference in  is in surah An-Nahl, and place of difference as to the writing of is in surah Al-Anfaal. 

The rest of the occurrences of in the Qur’an are  (together) by agreement of all.


These two words which are the same as the last two with the exception the hamzah here has a fat-h, are found written in the Qur’an ,  ,   .  There are two places where they are written :

 There is one place where a difference in copies of the Qur'an as to its writing ()

Throughout the rest of the Qur’an these two words are agreed to be written

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