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The Recitation of Qaloon 'an Naafi'


Imam Qaloon

His name was ‘Isaa bin Meenaa and was nicknamed Aba Musaa.  He was of Roman heritage.  His Sheikh, Imam Naafi’, nicknamed him Qaloon because of the quality of his qira’ah.   The word Qaloon in the Roman language means “good.” 

He was born in 120 Al-Hijara and died 220 Al-Hijara in Al-Medinah. 

He was deaf and could not even hear a horn, but if someone recited the Qur’an to him, he could hear. 

Some biographies say the deafness came when he was older, but others mention it as if he was always deaf, and Allah knows best.

The basic rules of the riwaayah of Qaloon 'an Naafi' and available below, with links to each lesson listed.  The special words though, must be obtained from a mushaf that has the recitation of Qaloon or a mushaf of the ten qira'aat. 



 Lessons on the riwaayah of Qaloon 'an Naafi'


Lesson One (click here):  The basmalah between two surahs (), the word , and lengthening of dhammah of plural meem ()


Lesson Two (click here) () The pronoun or direct object and The Lengthenings



Lesson Three (click here) Two hamzahs next to each other in one word


Lesson Four (click here) Two hamzahs meeting between two words


Lesson Five (Click here) Transferring the vowel of the hamzah to the saakin letter before it and



Lesson Six (Click Here) The straight, the imaalah, and the in between


Lesson Seven (Click Here) Attached ya’ indicating “me” or “my”


Lesson Eight (Click Here) Extra eliminated from the writing of the Glorious Qur’an.