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Question (22 Jamad Ath-Thanee 1425/Aug.8, 2004)    

Assalamu Aleikum wa rahmatu lilahi wa barakatu

1) In the first line of verse 28 of surat Al Kahf: "... ..." there is a letter waw after the letter daal. Since the letter waw should not be read, why is it written then? What is its role?

2) I have read the lessons on the qalqalah mechanism, and I have a few questions.

- You wrote that the qalqalah does not resemble a fatha, a dhamma, or a kasra.  It neither follows the vowel of the preceding letter or the following letter. Therefore:

a)How can it be recognized?
b)Would you please post a verse or a surah of  the Quran that has a qalqalah as an example?
c) What do you mean by "collision"?

May Allah help you find the answers inshallah.

Ma salam


Question (19 Jamad Ath-Thanee 1425/Aug.5, 2004)  


Kaifa haalukum? I pray that this email reaches you in Iman and Islam.

What is the most correct way to pronounce the laam in the word Allah? If  the word Allah is preceded by the fathah or dhammah, which part of the pronunciation of the word Allah becomes tafkheem? Does the tafkheem begin in the first laam or the second?

JazakAllahu khairan.


Question (14 Jamad Ath-Thanee 1425/July 31, 2004)    

As-salaamu Alaykum wa RahamAllah

Dear brothers and sisters

I wanted to know what is the best way to memorize the Quran and to improve reading it praise be to Allah because I have good tajweed already I am 18 but I have been learning the Quran from a young age but still finding it difficult to read the Quran please tell me how to improve my Quran.

may Allah reward you for your efforts.


Question (8 Jamad Ath-Thanee 1425/July 25, 2004)    

Assalamu Aleikum wa rahmatu lilhi wa barakatuh

I have two questions concerning 2 of the many rules of Warsh recitation: 

1) I have noticed that when the miim letter is the last letter of a word and precedes an alif the plural of the miim is applied. Is this correct? For example in surah al Imran first line of verse 195: "Fasta dj balahum rabbu hum ann...."

2) I have also heard reciters read the letter "raa" in Warsh differently from the letter "raa" in Hafs. How is this emphasis on the letter "raa" called?   

May Allah give you ease in your research inshallah

 Wa Salamu Aleikum  


Question (3 Jamad Ath-Thanee 1425/July 20, 2004)    


Kaifa haalukum? I pray that this email reaches you in Iman and Islam.
I have a quick question.
1) What is the name of the hamzah that is seen on top of the letters waw and ya?
2) Why is this hamzah written this way?
3) What is the significance that the word "rahmat" is written with a normal "ta" instead of "ta" marbutah? (surah Maryam).
4) Out of curiosity, how does one make waqf on this word (rahmat with a ta, instead of ta marbutah).

JazakAllahu khairan.