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Rules for the Recitation of Warsh 'an Naafi'

The real name of Imam Warsh, may Allah be merciful to him is Abu Sa'eed 'Uthmaan bin Sa'eed Al-Misriyy.  His sheikh, Imam  Naafi' gave him the nickname of Warsh because of his extreme white color.  He was born in Egypt in 110 Hijara and traveled to Imam Naafi' in Medinah Munawwarah.  Imam Warsh recited to Imam Naafi' a number of complete recitations of the Qur'an and then returned to Egypt and taught people there for a long time.  He died in the year 197 Hijarah. 

The order of the rules used is the order used by Imam Ash-Shatibiyy in his poem on the seven qira'aat: .  

Lesson One (click here):  The basmalah between two surahs (), the word , and lengthening of dhammah of plural meem ()

Lesson Two (click here): -the pronoun or direct object , and part of the lengthenings .

Lesson Three (click here): -the "leen" letter followed by a hamzah.

Lesson Four (click here) , two hamzahs next to each other in the same word.

Lesson Five (click here) -two hamzahs next to each other in two different words.

Lesson Six (click here) the single hamzah.

Lesson Seven (click here) transferring the vowel on the hamzah to the saakin preceding it

Lesson Eight (click here)

Lesson Nine (click here) The straight, the imaalah, and the in between (part one)

Lesson Ten (click here) The straight, the imaalah, and the in between (part two)

Lesson Eleven (click here) The straight, the imaalah, and the in between (part three)

Lesson Twelve (click here)   Tafkheem and tarqeeq of the letter    

Lesson Thirteen (click here)  Heaviness of the

Lesson Fourteen (click here) Attached ya' meaning me or mine

Lesson Fifteen (click here)     Extra eliminated from the writing of the Glorious Qur’an