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Question (22  Jamad Awwal1424/July 22, 2003)

Thank you for your reply to my previous question about tajweed and its relation to Arabic phonology.

Now I have few more questions :

 1.  Is it true that tajweed reflects the language at the time of the great Prophet ? Did he (they) actually speak by using tajweed rules (ex. ghunnah, idghaam, etc.), Or, was the tajweed merely used in reading Qur'an ?

2.  I read the book by Wolfdietrich Fischer, saying that the language of Qur'an is 'pre-classical'. What do you think ? 

3. Are there any specific references explaining tajweed and its relation to Arabic phonology ? How do I get them, considering that I live in another country?

Thank you for your answers. 


Question (19  Jamad Awwal1424/July 19, 2003)

I love listing to the Qur'an reciter. For 3 months I've been trying to go on website & all I get is an error; that the site is not available. Let me know if there is another site I can go on & listen to The Qur'an. Please I feel lost w/out listening to it @ work.


Question (17  Jamad Awwal1424/July 17, 2003)

A salaamu Alaikum,
during recitation of surah AlFatiha in salah....I hear at the end....AA-HA-MEEN instead of aameen.  by adding another sound to ameen ( ha) does it make it another word and not ameen??   Hadith says Malaika (angels) say ameen when we say ameen.   what is the tajweed for ameen at end of AlFatiha?

#2 - maybe this is not tajweed question, but important...please it acceptable in salah to recite ayat-al-kursi for the surah following Alfatiha instead of a whole surah ?
 --Is it acceptable in salah to recite only the last ayah of surah AlBaqarah  instead of a whole surah ?

Since I make salah w/this particular family member is important to me to understand.  Ashkuruki for your advice in this matter.
JazzakAllahu Khairan


Question (13  Jamad Awwal1424/July 13, 2003)

I was reading sura Al-MULK . why does MIN have a shadda in Ayat 16. What is the
extra MEEM for? I see this situation all over the QURAN ayat 22 23 26 I can go
on and on. What is the extra meem For?
As Salam alikum


Question (9  Jamad Awwal1424/July 9, 2003)

As Salam Alikum:

I was looking at ayat 20 in surah Al-MULK  and noticed the use of the word   HAADHA, which means "this." None of the translations use "this",  they instead use "THAT".  What does HAADHA mean, this or that?


Question (6  Jamad Awwal1424/July 6, 2003)

some people pronounce the letters alif, bea, thea whilst others, alif, ba, tha. what is the difference between the 2 and which is correct?