Alif sometimes has tafkheem characteristic when preceded by an isti'la letter; how about other maad letters?

Asalamua'alaykum wa ramhatullah,
I notice that alif sometimes has tafkheem characteristic when preceeded by isti'la letter, but how about other maad letter such as waw and ya, can it be categorized to tafkheem for the same?
I have tried to find this answer from Q&A repository but still not found.

Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
Only the alif of the the three medd letters has tafkheem if preceded by a letter read with tafkheem (this includes the ra' and laam  when they have tafkheem as well as the letters of isti'laa'). 
The ya' and wow are always read with tarqeeq. 
Wa assalaam alaikum.