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Outline the connection of the chain from imaam Hafs to the prophet (SAW) and from Imaam Asim to the Prophet (SAW).

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What is the outline of the connection of the chain from imaam Hafs to the prophet (SAW) and from Imaam Asim to the Prophet (SAW).
 Barakallaahu feekum       

Imam Hafs bin Sulayman bin Mugheerah Al-Bazzaz read to Imam 'Aasim bin Abee An-Najood.  Imam 'Aasim read to the most read of the taabi'een Abdulrahman Abdullah bin Habeeb As-Sulamee, and to Zir bin Hubaysh bin Hubaashah Al-Asadee as well as to Abee 'Amr Sa'd bin Iyaas Ash-Shaybaanee.   These three (Abdulrahman As-Sulamee, Zir bin Hubaysh, and Abee 'Arm read to the honored Sahaabi Abdullah bin Mas'ood.  As-Sulamee and Zir also read to both 'Uthman bin 'Affan and to 'Ali bin Abee Taalib, may Allah be pleased with them all.  As-Sulamee also read to Ubay bin Ka'b and Zayd bin Thaabit, may Allah be pleased with them both.   All of these Sahaaba read to our dear and beloved Prophet, the seal of all Prophets, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.  The Prophet Muhammed read to the Imam of the angels Jibreel, peace be upon him, who received the Qur'an from Allah ta'aalaa, Who there is no deity worthy of worship other than Him.    
Wa feekum Al-Barakah                              
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