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The Two Alike, the Two Similar, the Two Close, and the Two Far
(Part 6)  

 The Two Approximates to Each Other  (continued)


We continue with the different relationships of letters to each other, and the rules for when idghaam takes place between two letters of different relationships and when they each are read clearly (with ).  This lesson concludes the section of the two alike, the two similar, the two close, and the two far from each other.


3.   saakinah into the  .

This occurs only once in the Qur’an in surah Al-Mursalaat in aayah 20:

Our way of reading, , reads this as a , meaning the  completely merges into the .    

4.  The noon saakinah and tanween with the individual letters in the word   with the exception of the letter noon.  These letters are classified as “close” to the .  The exception of the letter  is due to the fact that it and any other  are . 

 Examples: :


The  which occurs in surah Al-Qiyaamah prevents the merging  ( ) from taking place: 


The Two Big Close

  It occurs when the two letters that are   both have vowels, such as the  and  in :   .  
Its rule is always:  for Hafs ‘An ‘Aasim.


The absolute two close

This is when the first of the two letters which are    has a vowel, and the second has a sukoon.  Its rule:

  The Two Far From Each Other

These are the two letters which have articulation points far from each other, and have different characteristics.  Examples:    

The  and   :

The and  






The rule for all of the two far (
is ith-haar (  ).