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I am memorizing in a Qur’an class.  I am having a terrible time-al-hamdu lillah.  I was wondering how often I should review memorized surahs? 


We all go through times of difficulty on the path to learn Allah’s book.  The first thing needed when we are having a difficult time is to push the whispering of Satan out.  Don’t let the rejected Satan make you think you cannot do it, or that it is too hard for you.  Think positive, turn to Allah, ask Him, the Provider for help in your endeavor, and put in the time needed.  It may be a test of your intention, or just a test of your steadfastness.  Insha’ Allah things will be better for you soon.

There isn’t a set rule for how often you should review memorized surahs.  Surahs that are firmly memorized should be reviewed at least once a month, but more often than that is highly recommended.  Surahs that have been recently memorized, or you find difficulty with need to be reviewed more frequently. 

May Allah make you and all striving to learn the Qur’an of the people of the Qur’an, and make easy for you memorizing the whole Qur’an.  Ameen.