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On long mudood (plural of medd), some readers change their tone a number of times as if they were musical notes in a scale.  Is this the preferred way to read?


The Qur’an is passed down from generation to generation by a student reciting the complete Qur’an to a sheikh that has a transmission chain back to the Prophet, .  Each sheikh in the chain has read the complete Qur’an to his sheikh, who has read it to his sheikh, and so on, back to the Prophet, .  There is no chain of transmission that has a change of tone in the lengthenings (mudood), instead the mudood are lengthened in one and the same tone for the total vowel counts of that medd.  It is then not correct to change the tone during a medd.  It is not the way the Prophet, , recited, nor the way the companions, may Allah be pleased with them, recited.