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Some of my classmates read with great force or pressure on each sound.  Does this make the sound clearer or is it incorrect?


Letters that are saakinah are formed by a collision of the two parts of articulation.  An articulation point almost always (except for the throat letters) has two elements to it.  These two different elements must collide in saakinah letters for the letter to be formed correctly.  For example, the  is has the tip of the tongue as one element of the articulation point, and the gums of the two upper front teeth as the other. 

Letters with vowels on the other hand (except the medd and qalqalah letters), are formed by a strong separation of the two parts of articulation.  If the separation is not done in a strong way, the letter will come out weak, or will lose some of its characteristics during the articulation. 

These two concepts can be taken to an extreme and too much effort may be put forth in the collision and separation leading to too much pressure on each letter and a hard to listen to recitation.  Without listening to the student, a judgment cannot be made as to whether your classmates are reading correctly or with too much effort.