How to stop on a letter with shaddah ?

How to stop on a letter with a shaddah.
EXAMPLE وَأُحْضِرَت  الْأَنْفُسُ الشُّحَّ ۚ. How do we end this ayah?  Do we stop with  shaddah or without shaddah?

The shaddah represents two letters and it would be a major mistake to leave out one of the two letters in our recitation whether we are stopping or continuing.  In the case of the example above, we put an accent (nabr) on the second to last letter to make clear there are two letters (the shaddah is two letters) .  The only time there is no need for a nabr is when the last letter with a shaddah is a noon or meem with a shaddah.  We have a prolonged ghunnah which makes clear that there are two letters. 
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