I have question about the riwayah Qaloon.

As salaamu alaykum I have question about the riwayah Qaloon. I listen to someone recite surah baqarah and he put dhammah  on the end of the 3alayhim however the in the Qaloon mushaf it shows a sukoon, is this permissible and where might I find a text like this?
The riwaayah of Qaloon has two acceptable ways of reading the plural meem at the end of a word if followed by a vowel on the next word.  One is with a sukoon, and the other is a dhammah on the meem. If there is a hamzah qat3 after it then there will be a lengthening of the dhammah either two or four counts, depending on which count you are using for the medd jaa'iz munfasil.
You can find this at the following link: