what is the difference between hamzatil wasali and hamzatil qata'i?

what is the difference between hamzatil wasali and hamzatil qata'i?
The hamzah Al-qat3, is a hamzah which is pronounced when continuing and stopping, it can be in the beginning of a word, the middle of a word or the end of the word.  It can be written on an alif , a ya ', a wow , or not written on any letter .  In the Medina Printing Complex printing of the Qur'an, it has the symbol of the head of the letter .  We read the hamzah al-qat3 with the vowel written on it.
The hamzah al-wasl, is always written as an alif, often with a small over it, such as: .  The hamzah al-wasl is always at the beginning of a word and it is only used (pronounced) when starting the word.  If one is continuing from a word on to a word starting with a hamzah al-wasl, the hamzah is dropped in pronunciation.  There are specific rules for which vowel is used when starting a word with
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