Assalaamu alaykum
Many recite the Indo-Pak Quraan as it is written but don’t know how to recognise hamza tul wasl. Is there a simple way to recognise it, especially when it begins a verse and this Quraan has a vowel written on it, without cross-referencing against the Uthmaani Quraan, so that I can advise those who want to read the Indo-Pak Quraan.
Jazak Allahu Khayran for all your help

Assalaamu alaykumWa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullah,
Generally in the Indo-Pak writings there is no vowel written on the hamzah wasl, but there is a vowel written on the hamzah qat3.   If there is the vowel written which is to be used when starting the word, it can be quite confusing, since the letter is dropped when continuing.
There is a list of all verbs starting with a hamzal wasl after a written stop in the Medina Complex printed Mushaf and their vowels when starting which you may find useful. 
You can find it at:

Wa iyyaakum