My question is about leaving a tajweed course because i am finding it difficult and i feel that i need to have a private tutor to teach me

salamu alaycom and jazak allah khayr my question is about leaving a tajweed course because i am finding it difficult and i feel that i need to have a private tutor to teach me it and then to go back and do the course again.  If i do leave the course will i be judged by AllahSWT OR IS IT the satans whispers. I'm really depressed about what im going to do and i've reached nearly the end of the course but i have missed quite a few lessons and its not going to be easy for me to catch up and the exams are very near, so please if u can help me make a decisionand jazak allah khayr.

Wa alaikum asalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
There is nothing wrong with repeating a course in tajweed.  In fact, it is many times necessary to firm up your knowledge.  A house needs a strong foundation to build upwards, and in the same light, we need to have a strong foundation of the basics of tajweed before we go on and take a higher level of the subject. If you missed several classes, then you have holes in your knowledge and the application of the knowledge.   The absences are most likely what has made the course difficult for you.  If one is punctual in attendance and in doing the required work, they will not feel so overwhelmed.  We are sure that you had valid reasons for missing the classes, but taking the class again will fill in the gaps you have and insha' Allah you will feel more relaxed the second time.   This doesn't mean that you shouldn't see the course through and study for the final.  Studying is what is going to help you learn and this will assist you in feeling more at ease with tajweed lessons.

The depression and the thoughts of quitting are most likely from the rejected Satan.  He will make things look difficult for you and try to push you away from learning the proper recitation of the Qur'an. 
Make sure you renew your intentions and that you are studying solely for the sake of Allah, not to gain a certificate, your self pride, any other kind of worldly gain.   The struggle with our intention is something we will have until the end of our lives, so it is important to keep our intention pure every day with our pursuit of seeking Allah's pleasure in reciting His words properly. 

Usually students do much better in a class situation than with a private tutor.  The class environment helps you to listen to the aayaat many times, listen to corrections many times over, and thus makes it easier for you to learn the aayaat, and the proper way of reciting them.  When another student has a similar mistake to yours, you can hear it and start to be more aware of it and fix it. 

We ask Allah to make tajweed theory and its application easy for you, and that you will become a master in the recitation of the Holy Qur'an, and Allah is capable of all things. 
Wa iyyaaakum wa-l-muslimeen.