I was told there are three ways acceptable to read Aauzubillah, Bismillah and a surah, and the fourth way is not, is this true?


In your article Seeking refuge and Saying the “Basmalah” http://www.abouttajweed.com/seeking-refuge-and-the-basmalah-in-recitation/seekin g-refuge-and-saying-the-basm.html you have said that there are 4 ways in which you can read Aauzubillah, Bismillah and a surah. I was told that only the first 3 are acceptable to do and the last one, reading Aauzubillah and Bismillah in 1 breath then stopping then reading the surah is not right and that you shouldn't do it that way.  I would like to know if this is true?
Jazak Allah

 Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
All four possible ways are allowed when reading the isti'aadhah, basmalah, and the beginning of a surah, and it is allowed to read the istia'aadhah with the basmalah in one breath then stop and start reading the surah. There is no reason for this to be forbidden as it does not cause confusion to the listener. 

You may be confusing this with reading the end of a surah and continuing and reading the next following surah with the basmalah.  In this case there are four possible combinations of reading the end of the surah, the basmalah, and the beginning of the surah, but only three are allowed.  The way that is not allowed is joining the end of the first surah with the basmalah, then stopping and then reading the beginning of the next surah.  The reason for the forbiddance is that one may think that the basmalah is actually part of the first surah, not the beginning of the next surah.
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Wa iyyaakum wa-l-muslimeen.
Wa assalaam alaikum wa rahmatullah.