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 The Separate Allowed Lengthening: you said that its lengthening is of the measure of four or five vowel counts in the: Hafs ‘an Aasim by the way of Shaatabiyyah. PLEASE I want to know which way transmitted by Hafs ‘an Aasim that has TWO VOWEL COUNTS for this lengthening.
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Assalaam alaikum,
In Tareeq at-Tayyibah outlined by Imam Ibn Al-Jazaree in An-Nashr, there is a way for Hafs 'an 'Aasim that has two vowel counts for the medd al-jaa'iz al-munfasil (separate allowed lengthening) while having four vowel counts for the medd al-waajib al-mutasil (joined required lengthening).  This way is Al-Hammamee as documented in Al-Misbah min tareeq al-Feel. 

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