Which is the correct terminology, istiaazah or ta'aawwudh, and basmalah or bismillah?

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1. Which is the correct terminolgy Istiaazah or Ta'awwudh?


2. Which is the correct terminolgy Basmalah or Bismillah?

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1.  means seeking refuge from Allah, usually in the words: .   Both terms and Ta'awudh serve the same purpose and mean the same thing. 

2.  is an abbreviated term used for the statement or simply bismillah. Bismillah is really  "bi ism Allah" which means, I start in the name of Allah.  So the words we say are "bismillah", or more completely:: , and the term we use when referring to these words, but not saying them specifically is the Basmalah. 

Please see: http://www.abouttajweed.com/seeking-refuge-and-the-basmalah-in-recitation/seeking-refuge-and-saying-the-basm.html

Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullah.