1st Question: do you run courses for the different qiraah or which Institute would you recommend, 2nd Question: is there any..

Assalámu `alaykum wa rahmatulláhi wa barakátuhu.

First of Jaza'kallah hu khayrun. for all your efforts, May Allah give sincerity and make us do better things which he becomes pleased with.  

1st Question: do you run courses for the different qiraah or which Institute would you recommend

2nd Question: is there any rules of the other qiraah on your site i.e. Warsh etc.

3rd Question: where can I get books to learn the different Qiraah and which titles would you recommend (in English and Arabic).

Once again Jaza'kallah hu khayrun.


Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Jazakum Allahu khairan and Aameen to your dua’. 

Answer 1 and 2- We just started posting the rules for the recitation of Warsh, and plan to continue through all the ten authentic mutawaatir qira’aat, but it will take time.   http://www.abouttajweed.com/titbitlessons.htm The writing of the rules does not replace practicing with a renowned sheikh who has mastered tajweed and the qira’aat.  We hesitate to recommend a particular institute because of our lack of familiarity with most of them, but there are some in Egypt and some in Syria, as well as in other Arab and non-Arab countries such as France.

Answer 3- We are not aware of any books in English.  The best way to learn the qira’aat is to memorize the Shatibiyyah poem and study the explanation of the poem.  A book that is not too hard as far as Arabic language that explains the Shatibiyyah poem and the rules is:  by Ash-Sheikh Abdul-Fattaah Al-Qaadhi.  There are some books in Arabic that explain the basic rules for each qira’ah separately. 

Another book which is a guideline as how to read the Qur'an in all the ten qira'aat is available as a download, but in chapters from the King Fahd Qur'an Complex is Al-Budoor Az-Zaahirah fi-l-qira'aat al-3ashr http://www.qurancomplex.org/tree.asp?l=arb&section=10&SecOrder=2&SubSecOrder=6 .  This book is an assistance in reading the Qur'an in the qira'aat, but the rules should be studied in detailed before starting reading.

The following site has some books that are downloadable on the qira’aat.  Some are explanations of rules of individual qira’aat, and others are poems and explanations of poems on the qira’aat. http://www.quraat.com/books.htm .   

Wa iyyaakum.  We ask Allah to make easy for you the knowledge of the qira’aat, and to make your knowledge strong and a source of khair for many Muslims.  Ameen.