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What type of medd to use when stopping at the end of Ayah 39 on Surah ArRahman.

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salams, what type of medd to use when stopping at the end of Ayah 39 on Surah ArRahman. there is 2 medd Arid lissukoon and medd laazim if i am not wrong but how will i chose what to apply/?

Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh
The last word of aayah 39 of surah Ar-Rahman is .  When we look at the last letter we see it has a shaddah.  This means there are two letters in one, the first saakin and the second with a vowel.  The definition of is that there is a medd letter followed by a single voweled letter and we then stop on it replacing the vowel with a sukoon.
In the word the first letter which follows the alif (the medd letter) is a noon with a sukoon.  This contradicts the condition of which should have only one voweled letter after the medd letter. 
Therefore there is only one medd here, which is
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