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In surah Al maaidah aayah 29 "tabuu". I have heard this medd being lengthened 4 or 5 counts in Hafs by the way of Tayyibah. Wa salaamu aleikum

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Title: Al Medd

Assalamu aleikum

In surah Al maaidah aayah 29 "tabuu". I have heard this medd being lengthened 4 or 5 counts in Hafs by the way of Tayyibah. I thought that this medd was medd jaaiz munfassil which is usually lengthened 2 counts in Hafs At Tayyibah. So my question is what type of medd "tabuu" is?. Is it a medd munfassil or Muttassil? My question regards the reading of Hafs by way of Tayyibah. May Allah reward you greatly for your efforts
Wa salaamu aleikum

Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh
The hamzah here on the word  is part of the same word as the medd letter, and when there is a medd letter followed by a hamzah in the same word, the medd is medd waajib mutassil, which is always 4 or more counts for Hafs in any tareeq. The word is a present tense verb which was affected with "nasb" due it being preceded by the harf , and thus has a fathah on the hamzah, the last letter of the word.
May Allah reward you greatly and increase you in all khair.
Wa asalaam alaikum wa rahmatullah
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