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Is it incorrect to hold the sound of a raa with a shaddah at the end of a verse?

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Is it incorrect to  hold the sound of a raa with a shaddah at the end of a verse?
May Allah accept the work that is being done here.
I know that one of the rules of nabr is to raise the voice slightly when there is a raa with a shaddah at the end of a verse so that the listener knows there is a shaddah there. But on of my teachers said that you hold the sound of the raa as this will also signal that there is a shaddah on the last letter. Is there a difference of opinion on this issue or is doing nabr with the way explained on this website the only correct way?

Also, who answers the questions on this website exactly and what is their background of study?


Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
We hold the which is the last letter and we are stopping on the word for the timing we give all letters of when they have a sukoon whether with a shaddah or without a shaddah.  We need to make clear the shaddah, and the nabr does that.  If others have different ways of making the shaddah on the last letter -in this case a -clear without giving extra time over the normal timing for the , then that is perfectly acceptable. 
There are many scholars who do not call it a nabr, but make the shaddah clear. 

The questions are answered here by those who have ijaazah in the ten qira'aat with strong chains of transmission. 
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