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document Can we read Zawd (the 15 letter) as Daal (the 8th letter)?
Question Can we read Zawd (the 15 letter) as Daal (the 8th letter)? Answer The  must be articulated from the correct articulation point,...
Not rated 27 Mar, 2010 Views: 2407
document Could you elaborate on what it means that a letter has strong/weak reliance on its' articulation point?
Question Assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh   In shaa Allah you are all well and in the best of eemaan and health,...
Not rated 30 Mar, 2010 Views: 2441
document By the Grace of Allah, I have so far memorized 20 juz. The hardest part for me is being able to keep up with my reviews while I am memorizing new surahs at the same time.
Question Assalamu Aleikum Jazakumu Lahi khairan for all your efforts and advice to the muslim community around the world. By the Grace of Allah, I...
rating 31 Mar, 2010 Views: 2575