Female Ha' Written with Ta', Part 4

We conclude explaining  the words and their places of occurrence that end in a female ,  but are written in some places in the Qur'an with an open .  As we stated in the last three lessons on this subject, it is vital that we know these places in the surahs we have memorized in order to know how to stop properly on these words if the need be.   Hafs 'an 'Aasim stops on these words as they are written in the copies of the Qur'an. 

This word was written with  one place in the Qur’an:

This is the only place in the Qur’an where this word is (adjuncted by a clear noun after it).  The word , not in the adjucted state () occurs written with , and the scholars agree that nouns ending with and not   (not adjuncted) never are written with .

Imam Al-Jazaree then simply named the word, without a need for further explanation when he said:


This word was written with  in the following aayah:

Since it only occurs once in the Glorious Qur'an, Imam Al-Jazaree again, just named the word, and said:



This word was written once with a , all other places where this word occurs and is agreed to be singular amongst the different reciters is written with .







Imam Al-Jazaree said:



Imam Al-Jazaree did not specifically name the words that are read by some of the qira'aat in the plural form and others in the singular form but indicated that we are required to learn them when he said:


These words that are read by some in the plural form and others in the singular form are all written with , and we will begin discussing them next tidbit lesson, insha' Allah.

We have put the specific line from the Jazariyyah for each individual word, but not the full section on the female ha' written with a in these last lessons.  The complete section of Al-Jazariyyah on the female ha' or as it is also called, female ta', is as follows:


Some surah names are positioned so that they are used for two evidences, the one before and the one after, such as the last word of the first line, Al-Baqarah; there is  written with a and also the word occurs in surah Al-Baqarah written with a , so Imam Al-Jazaree, may Allah be merciful to him, creatively placed the name of the surah in between the two evidences so it can be used twice. 

This concludes the lessons on words ending with that  are read in the singular form by all of the different ways of recitation, but written with a