Words written separately and together Al-Maqtoo3 Al-MawSool 1
Definition of : That which is separated in writing from that which follows it.

Definition of : Every word that is joined with another in writing.

It is necessary to learn and apply in recitation the words that are separated in writing and those that are joined in writing when reciting, so that the reader knows how to stop on the separated word in the correct place, and on the joined word in the correct manner.  This is, as in the  very necessary for the parts of the Qur'an that have been memorized and we recite. 

There are 26 words that are written joined, separated, or there is a difference of opinion concerning them in the Qur’an according to Imam Al-Jazaree.  Sheikh al-Jazaree, may Allah have mercy upon him, put these in his prose,  , making it easy for the Qur’an reader to learn them.

We will start out explaining the first two words that are sometimes written joined in to one word, and at other times, written as two separate words.


The first of these is "" with a fat-h on the hamzah, and negative "".  These two words are written three different ways in the glorious Qur’an, separately , together , or there is a difference of opinion between copies of the Qur'an  as to whether it is written separately or together.

 written separately with no difference of opinion

There are ten places that "" are written separated from each other.  These are referred to in Al-Jazariyyah in the following lines:


 It is to be noted that he links either the phrase in which it occurs or the surah name with a phrase.

 Then ten places named here are:









All other places where and  meet in the Qur’an are written as one word, َ, with the exception of aayah 87 of surah Al-Anbiyaa', in which there is a difference of opinion as to whether
it is written separated or joined.

 We will continue next lesson insha' Allah, with other words that are written together or separately.