Stopping on the ends of words with weak endings 2

Stopping on words with a weak ending

Words ending in a

Last lesson, now located in the tidbit archives, we

discussed some general rules for words ending with an alif, a , or a , all also called  or weak.  We will repeat the general rules here for review.  They are:

1.   If the medd letter is established in writing and a saakin letter does not follow it, the medd letter is then  affirmed and established in pronunciation when stopping just as it is when continuing following the writing of the Qur'an.

2.   If a saakin follows a word ending in a medd letter, the medd letter then is dropped in pronunciation when continuing, because of the forbidding of two saakin letters from meeting between two words, but is established in pronunciation when stopping. 

3.   If the medd letter is not present in the written copy of the Qur'an, the medd letter is dropped in pronunciation when continuing and stopping.  

Words ending with a  follow these above rules.  For an example, words ending with a medd letter   and followed by a sukoon in the first pronounced letter of the next word have a  dropped  when continuing, and established  when stopping on the word, such as in:

This is in accordance with rule number two above, so we would not pronounce the at the end of the two verbs when continuing, but would pronounce them when stopping on the verbs .


There are five words to take note of, and although they follow rule number three, a brief explanation of these words will help in understanding. 

There are four verbs that are written without the final , with no grammatical reason and therefore not pronounced when continuing and when stopping. Scholars of the Qur'an pointed to the reason for their not being written is the quickness of their occurrence.  These four verbs are:

 There is one noun with the final  dropped in writing and in pronunciation, it is the word   in the aayah:


Again, as said, since there is no   written, we follow rule number three, meaning this  is dropped in writing and not pronounced whether stopping or continuing. 

We will continue next lesson, insha' Allah, with words ending with a ya'.