Stopping on the Ends of Words 6

Stopping with Deletion


Stopping with deletion can be in three cases the way we read (Hafs 'an Aasim by the way of Ash-Shatibiyyah). 

1.  The dhammah and kasrah tanween are dropped, or deleted in pronunciation when stopping.  The saakinah of the tanween is what is deleted.  This is exemplified in the words of Allah the Exalted:


 2.  The lengthening of the vowel of .  The silah lengthening of  is deleted (dropped) when stopping whether the lengthening was a or a  as when stopping at the end of the aayah:


3.  The extra ya’ for those who establish them when continuing.  This occurs only once the way we read (), and that is in the word  in surah An-Naml: 

.  In the above aayah, the word is read with an established  with a fat-h on the end of it, when continuing.  When stopping on this word, there are two ways that are allowed by .  One of these ways is by deleting the    , the other allowable way is by keeping the