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Hamzah Al-Wasl  

Lesson 7


The Meeting of a hamzah qata' and hamzah wasl in one word


There are two possible ways of this occurring.  The first way is when the  precedes the  saakinah.  The second occurrence is when of questioning (istifhaam) precedes  

We will look as some of these cases this tidbit lesson, and continue next lesson, insha' Allah.

Case 1: Hamzah al-wasl preceding hamzah al-qata'
 ) saakinah.

This only occurs in a few verbs.  Examples of this can be found in the following aayaat:

We know from previous subjects that when we join the word preceding the word starting with hamzah-t al-wasl, we then drop , as it is not needed; while the saakinah stays fixed, and is pronounced.  In the first example above:  we would read the  of with a kasrah, then immediately pronounce the hamzah qata' saakinah (  )

When beginning any one of these verbs having a hamzah wasl as the first letter and a hamzah qata' saakinah as the second letter, we begin with hamzah-t al-wasl with the appropriate vowel, depending on the vowel of the third letter of the verb and taking into consideration whether it is an original or presented dhammah. After this,  the  that immediately follows is changed in to a medd letter of the same category as the vowel we used on the hamzah al-wasl.  If we start on hamzah al-wasl with a dhammah the  saakinah that immediately follows becomes a lengthened .  If, on the other hand, we start the hamzah al-wasl with a kasrah, the hamzah al-qata' then would be changed to a  lengthened .  This rule was previously discussed under the medd badl lesson, and it is as such: whenever two hamzahs meet, the first voweled, the second saakinah, the second hamzah changes into a medd letter of the same type as the vowel on the first hamzah.  This rule is employed anytime there are two hamzahs, the first voweled, the second saakinah, but is used in the hamzah wasl only when starting on a verb that has a hamzah wasl immediately followed by a hamzah qata' saakinah. 


Case 2 The Questioning hamzah al-qata' preceding hamzah al-wasl

This occurs in nouns and verbs.  In verbs, the  is eliminated and  of questioning remains.  In nouns both the hamzah qata' and the hamzah wasl remain in the word.

In Verbs

Hamzah al-wasl is dropped in writing and pronunciation and the hamzah al-qata’ of  questioning remains. This is in verbs.  The following aayaat demonstrate this:





The above aayaat are all the cases of the hamzah qata' of questioning preceding hamzah al-wasl in verbs.  As stated previously, hamzah al-wasl is dropped in writing and in pronunciation, and only  remains.  There is no special application in pronunciation, rather the words are pronounced exactly like they are written. 

Next lesson, insha' Allah we will discuss the other occurrence of the questioning hamzah preceding the hamzah al-wasl, which is in nouns.  In the case of nouns, both hamzahs remain and there are changes made in pronunciation to the hamzah al-wasl.  The details will be given, insha' Allah next lesson.