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Many Muslims know that seeking knowledge is encouraged in Islam, but few know what is necessary as far as intention, deeds, and manners when seeking knowledge. Download for more...
This document gives a detailed explanation of why we should read the Qur'an with Tajweed with much evidences from the Qur'an and books of hadeeth. Tajweed linguistically means to master somethings, and when referring to reading the Qur'an it means mastering the articulation of the letters, and reaching the utmost level in pronouncing it well. Downlad for more..
This PDF has a list of verbs and nouns beginning with Hamzah al-Wasl and the vowel used after marked stops in the glorious Qur'an.
Each Imam has two narrators, or two known imams who have passed on reading from a particular Imam. There can be significant differences in the reading between one narrator and another depending on what their Imam taught them. Download for more...
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