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Words written separately and together, Al-Maqtoo3 wa Al-MawSool 2 PDF Print E-mail

We continue explaining the words that are written joined or separated in the Glorious Qur'an, and remind all that this is important for us to know in the parts of the Qur'an we have memorized, so we can stop on the word or words properly.  If the words are written joined together, or , then we are not allowed to stop on the first of the two words. 

These two words are written in the Glorious Qur’an  (joined), except for one place, aayah 40 of surah Ar-Ra'd . 

Imam Ibn al-Jazaree said:

The lines of poetry are still referring to the separated words, meaning that there is just this one place where the two words are written , meaning as two separate words.   



These two words are written in the Qur’an  (joined), always.  Imam Ibn Al-Jazaree said:

He first addressed, may Allah have mercy on him, the previously discussed two words "" and then states ".  This means if you put a fath on  in the same word combination, now
, it is always , hence the word "Sil".  One exampleof this is aayah 59 of surah An-Naml.



These two words are written  in the Glorious Qur’an, with the exception of one aayah, 166 of surah Al-'Araaf: 

Sheikh Al-Jazaree said, regarding these two words.



These two words are usually written, or connected as one word , but there are two places where they are written , and one place where some copies of the Qur’an have it written  and others .  Imam Ibn Al-Jazaree said:

 From these lines of poetry we know that in Ar-Room and An-Nisaa' these two words are written , or separate from each other.  These aayaat are:

We also know from these lines of prose that surah al-Munafiqoon has a place where there is a difference in the copies of the Qur’an in regards to these two words.  This is in ayyah 10.

We will continue with the words that are written separately and together next lesson insha' Allah

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