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Characteristics of Letters  Part 4


Characteristics that have opposites

The Elevation and The Lowering ( and )


This tidbit explains the third of 5 sets of opposite “pairs” that each letter has one of, but never both of the “pair.”  The explanation of the previously explained “pairs” is located in the tidbit archives.  



*is defined linguistically as: Elevation.

In applied tajweed, * is defined as: Directing pressure of the letter to the roof of the mouth due to an elelvation of the deepest part of the tongue when pronouncing an * letter.

The letters that have this characteristic are those in the group:


These seven letters are also known as the letters of tafkheem (( which will be discussed later in future tidbit lessons, insha’ Allah.  In brief, is the right of the letter and  is a resultant “due” of the letter.  When pronouncing any of these seven letters, the posterior portion of our tongue needs to elevate up to the roof of the mouth (in the soft palate area).  At the same time, we need to increase the space in our mouth by dropping our jaw slightly, and then focus the sound of the letter up to the roof of the mouth, which is done by cupping the chin slightly.  The mouth should be filled with an echo when these sounds are pronounced.  Again, this will be covered further, insha’ Allah, in future tidbit lesson.


The opposite of *is .  

The linguistic definition of is: dropping or lowering.

The applied tajweed definition of is: The absence of pressuring the letter to the roof of the mouth due to the lack of raising the deepest part of the tongue when pronouncing a letter of

We are talking about the position of the posterior portion of the tongue, in both of these opposite characteristics.