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May Allah reward you with a great reward for your tajweed site.  I have a question about reading from different parts of the Qur'an in "one sitting";  is it necessary to repeat: "a'oothu billahi minasshaytaannir-rajeem   " when starting a new part?  I thought perhaps the 2 different parts could sound linked otherwise...


Wa iyaakum. 

It is not necessary to repeat the isti’aathah when changing parts of the Qur’an.  Allah, the Exalted, ordered us in aayah 98 of surah An-Nahl to say the isti’aathah, which is:  before reciting the Qur’an, but there is no rule requiring a repeat of it when we change sections.  We do need to make a complete stop and take a breath in between different parts of the Qur’an; that is required. 

Changing sections is most likely going to be done on a personal basis when reviewing our memorization and not in a group setting.  The lone reciter is aware that the sections are separated.  If there are listeners and the reciter feels they may not understand that it is a new section, the reciter can consider the end of each section a cut off in his/her recitation and say the isti’aathah before starting the next.