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For Kaaf,Ha,Ya,'Ain,Saad. 
For 'Ain, is it sufficient to say that 'ain is the follower of leen without saying that we have to read with ikhfa' since the last letter ( noon ) comes before Saad? Is it permissible to read with four counts while the other harfi letters are read with 6 counts?

For Saad, I know that it is mad lazim harfi mukhaffaf letter, but do I have to say it has qalqalah kubra because of stopping? How to stop at this it with qalqalah kubra?

I have this questions because we were given a test, and some of my friends answered like the above (stating that 'ain should be read with ikhfa' and in shaad there is a qalqalah kubra). I only answered that 'ain is the follower of leen and saad is maad lazim harfi muthaqqal, so is this imperfect
answer? I need to know this so that I can explain others the perfect answer.
JazakumuLlah khairan katheera.


Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakaatuh.

It is important to know how the question was phrased before we can make any judgment on the answer.  If the teacher asked for all rules in the first aayah of surah Maryam, then you would need to include the ikhfa’ rule and the qalqalah rule in your answer.  If, however the question pertained to the mudood of the individual letters, then the answer should be whatever was asked for in the question, and there would be no need to include the ikhfa’ and qalqalah rules. 

Wa iyyakum wa-l-muslimoon