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Assalam U Alikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

Dear brother, 

I want to thank you so much for the tireless effort that is your site.  I have benefited greatly from it Al-hamdullilah and will continue to do so, inshaAllah.  May Allah bless you. 

Brother, I need some advice.  I want to memorize the Qur'an.  I say this from the heart - I sincerely want to be raised a hafiz inshaAllah on the day or Resurrection.  I have dire passion for memorizing these words (although I am non-Arabic speaking, and at this moment do not know what the meaning of the words are). 

What I lack is time-management  with extreme procrastination.  Rest assured, I have a strong passion, in the heart, to memorize this noble Qur'an.  Yet, I find myself just watching time go by each day.  I mean I wake up early in the morning, plan out my day, and before I know it the sun is setting and I have not even come close to my goals.  This happens to me in all facets of life - school work, as well as other things. 

Can you please help, or suggest some tips?  Also, please remember me in your dua's, that inshaAllah I may memorize this noble Qur'an, and if within my possibilities, to teach it to others. 

JazakAllah brother, looking forward to the reply.


Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh.

Jazaka Allahu khairan for the dua’ and the comments.  May Allah bless you also.  

This problem is not uncommon and is easily solved with some structured planning and strict adherence to the plan.  In the end though, it is in your hands, after Allah’s help of course.  You have to force yourself to stick to the schedule and not let the world take you away from your plan. 

The best way to complete your plan is memorize and review early in the morning, either before fajr or right after fajr prayers. If you stay in the mosque after fajr prayers, you will have less distractions, insha’ Allah, and will be more able to complete your daily assignment of memorization and review.  Do not put in your schedule more than you can keep up.  If you are sure that you can consistently memorize ˝ page a day, then stick to that; if it is less that you are sure of, then plan on that and stick to it, even if it is only a few lines. 

The plan should not be made daily, but laid down once and then strictly followed.  You should have a schedule that you always follow for Qur’an as well as for your studies.  Set aside enough time for each, including time for any extra studying needed for exams that may occur.  Do not make a new plan each day; you will spend too much time each day making a plan, instead start right away with the Qur’an before or after fajr prayers.  You will find, insha’ Allah, barakah in the day, and by Allah’s will your life will change for the better.  Also, getting up before fajr , praying during the last third of the night, and asking Allah at this special time of the night for what you desire is another reason for achieving what you desire.

Being an non-Arab is no barrier. We have witnessed many non-Arabs memorize the complete Qur’an and read it with excellent pronunciation and tajweed.  This is the bounty of Allah, He gives it to whom He wills.

We ask Allah to make you of those that memorize the complete Qur’an, be of the best of our nation, and read it and rise to the highest degree of Paradise on the Day of Judgment.  Ameen.

Wa iyyakum wa-l-muslimeen