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Is it permissible to pronounce wa ladaaleen in al-fatihah as wa ladhaaleen. someone told me that the qir’aah of ibn Katheer pronounced daaleen as dhaaleen with a dhaal. explain this to me.


Assalaam alaikum.

All of the 10 qira’aat, including the recitation of Ibn Katheer pronounce   , with the letter .  There are no exceptions to this. 

Just as a note, if one of the qira’aat pronounces a word a certain way, we are not allowed to pronounce that word as they do unless we are reading the whole recitation with their qira’ah (way of recitation).  Each recitation is an entity of its own, transmitted from the Prophet,  to us as one way of recitation.  We can not pick and choose from one way of recitation and another as we see fit.  The ruling on mixing up one qira’ah with another ranges from makrooh to haram, depending on what is read and in what way.  See An-Nashr fi-l-qira’aat al-3ashr, by Imam Ibn Al-Jazaree, volume one, Hadeeth on the revelation of the Qur’an in 7 aHruf, p. 19 in our copy.