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Some years ago I learned that there is a lengthening applied to the pronunciation of .  From that time I thought that this lengthening took place from the back of the side(s) of the tongue towards the front’ but recently I read a definition that said "backwards until the end of the side of the tongue".  Which is correct? 


The “lengthening”( ) characteristic of the letter  is a mechanical lengthening of the tongue from the back of the mouth to the front until the tip of the tongue touches the gum line of the two top front teeth.  This is under the influence of the compressed air behind the tongue.  This does not affect the articulation point of the  which remains the side or sides of the tongue and the upper molars.  When you pronounce the  correctly you will feel a “wave” in the tongue as the pressure moves it mechanically forward.  The sound should not follow this wave otherwise the articulation point will end up at the , and there will be an incorrect sound.