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There are at least two readers whom I know of who read mad jaiz munfassil as two harakat, namely, Sheikh Muhammad Jibreel and Sheikh Mahmood Khaleel al Husary (Sheikh Husary has also recorded his reading, with Mad Jaiz Munfassil as four).

I think it is a good idea if you put in a PDF format the conditions of reading Mad Jaiz
Munfassil in two harakat ie the way of Hafs an Asim by the tariq of At Tayyibah for downloading and easy reference. Are there really a lot of conditions?

jazakAllahu khairan for your effort.  


Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatu ALlahi wa barakatuh.

All authentic ways of reciting the Qur’an that are mutawaatir from the Prophet, to us in this present day are those that are outlined by Imam Ibn Al-Jazaree in his work: An-Nashr.   The ways included in the Nashr are the seven qira’aat and each of the two riwaayah for each qiraa’ah outlined by Imam Ash-Shatibiyy, the three qira’aat outlined by Imam Al-Jazaree in Ad-Durrah, plus the turuq within each of these ways of recitation.  The poem that Imam Ibn Al-Jazaree wrote to assist understanding his book An-Nashr is called At-Tayyibah, and therefore the ways outlined in his work are called Tareeq At-Tayyibyah.  Each riwaayah of each of the ten qiraa’aat have different ways in Tareeq At-Tayyibah.  They can be many ways or a few.   For Hafs ‘an ‘Aasim there are 52 ways, some very similar and almost identical, and others different.  Any way of reading that is not in An-Nashr, is not mutawaatir and has restrictions in it for us as Muslims.  Please refer to: for more details.

 There are different ways with shortening of  to two vowel counts in tareeq at-Tayyibah.  There is a way in which it is with  four vowel counts and other ways with six counts.  Each way has different rules.  To make it simple, we will outline the rules for reading  with two vowel counts and  four vowel counts from Tareeq At-Tayyibyah.

May Allah reward you for your request and insha’ Allah many will benefit from it.  The information in the PDF download is for students of the Qur’an who already have a firm understanding of all the rules of Hafs ‘an ‘Aasim by the way of Ash-Shatibiyyah.  A beginning student may find it confusing, so we suggest they wait until they have studied further before undertaking the study of the difference between the two ways. 

Click here to download the rules for reading two vowel counts for and four vowel counts for in the recitation of Hafs 'an 'Aasim by tareeq At-Tayyibah.

One part not included in the PDF since it is an option, is the takbeer at the end of each surah starting from the end of surah Adh-Dhuhaa until the end of surah An-Naas.

Wa iyyaakum. Wa assalaam alaikum