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Is there an Idgham of the noon saakinah into the meem when reading the letters:   at the beginning of surah Al Qasas and surah Al-Shu'ara'? 


Yes, there is an idghaam of the   saakinah, which is the last letter of the separate individual letter , and the  which is the first letter of the separate individual letter  in  , which starts both mentioned surahs.  Just as a reminder, these letters are read as if they are written out words, so the letter  is read as .  The majority of the world recites the Qur’an by the recitation of Hafs ‘an ‘Aasim, and a minority read by the way of Warsh ‘an Naafi’.  Both of these reciters read the beginning of these two surahs with idghaam of the  saakinah on the end of the written out letter  with the  of the written out letter  Note: There are two meems in the written out word meem, we are addressing the first meem when discussing the idghaam of the saakinah.