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I am a student at Airlangga University , working on thesis about tajweed. I have read your pages, and I have some questions :

1. Does Tajwid have a relation with Arabic phonology ?

2. In some phonological processes in Tajwid, such as assimilation, does it have the same rules with Arabic phonology ?

 Please kindly explain. Thank you.

 Awaiting your soonest response.


In many cases, tajweed is directly related to classical Arabic phonology.  In others, such as in the longer lengthenings, it does not. 

Assimilation (idghaam), has the same rules as classical Arabic, although in the different qira’aat there are different rules for assimilation from one way to another, but all systems were found in the different Arabic dialects at the time of the Prophet, .  In other words, some assimilation rules may be present in some Arabic phonology books that is not present in the tajweed of Hafs, which we have focused on so far on this site, but are present in other ways of recitation. 

You are welcome.