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In Arabic pronunciation there is no letter like zuad. But many of the people especially in Pakistan while reciting the holy Quran, pronounce  as Zuad. Please guide me where it's pronunciation as Zuad is correct or not.


The articulation point of the letter is from the one or both sides of the tongue and the molars and the gum area next to the molars.  The posterior one third of the side of the tongue is used for this letter.  If you use the sides only of the tongue, as is described in the definition for the  there will not be a “z” sound at all.  The “z” is articulated by using the tip of the tongue and the plates of the top two front teeth.  This is an error that is not acceptable in the recitation of the Qur’an for it is changing one letter into another and therefore changing the Qur’an.  Students of the Qur’an everywhere in the world need to practice the correct pronunciation of this letter with a teacher that is accomplished in the Qur’an, preferable with an ijazah (permit or certification).  May Allah make it easy for all muslims to recite the Qur’an properly.