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Question there sakt before hamza for imam Hafs in tariq tayyibah? If there is then what other rules will be applied?




Wa Alaikum Assalam Wa Rahamtullah wa barakatuh,

Of the over 50 tareeq of min tareeq At-Tayyibah, there are a few ways that have on a saakin before a hamzah.  These ways are further divided into  (specific breathless pause) and  (general breathless pause).  The difference being, that in the way of , the is on a saakin between two words, or on the  before a hamzah, such as  and on the word  with any of the three possible vowels on the end.  In  the is the same as the  with the addition of a  on a saakin consonant before a hamzah within a word, such as on the word:



The way of  from by tareeq At-Tayyibah is from the book from tareeq has the following rules:


1.  and counts must be four vowel counts each.


2. There is no  in the idhgaam of the  saakinah or tanween into the letters  or ,  and there is no takbeer before the basmalah of the surah.


3. There is   of the  saakinah  of the separate letter with the   when joining the first and second aayah in:  

4.. The alif at the end of the word in surah Al-Insaan is dropped when stopping, as well as when continuing.


6. The words  andin surah Ar-Room are read with a only on the letter .


7. The word  in surah An-Naml is read with a  as the last letter when continuing and stopping.


8. The in the word  in surah Ash-Shura'aa' is read with tarqeeq only.


9. The letter of the separated letters of at the beginning of  surah Ash-Shooraa  and  Maryam is lengthened two counts only.


10. There is a of     in surah Al-Qiyaamah and      in  al-MuTaffifeen


11. There is NO in in surah Al-Kahf and   in surah Ya-Seen.


12. The word in surah Yusuf is read with and only.


13. The word in surah Hud is read with only.


 14. The word in surah Al-‘Araaf can be read with either   or .


15. The word ,  and are read with  only  of the hamzah wasl in that it changes into an alif


16. The word in surah Al-Ghaashiyah is read with .


17. The words in surah At-Tur and in surah Al-Baqarah and in surah Al-‘Araaf are read with   a .


Wa iyyaaakum.  Wa asalaam alaikum.