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In your present tidbit lesson about ghunnah you explain about the necessity of observing heaviness and lightness of the letter that follows the ghunnah.  Let's say that a tanween with a fat-ha comes on a ra’
( ) and is followed by a letter of lightness - for example in ayah 6 of surah At-Tahreem appears these words:    Wouldn't we say the letter  with a fat-ha and with heaviness and therefore the accompanying ghunnah would have heaviness? 


The ghunnah of the ikhfa’ of the  saakinah and tanween follows the tafkheem (heaviness) or tarqeeq (lightness) of the following letter.  This does not occur in the idghaam. All the letters that cause idghaam with a ghunnah of the  saakinah and tanween are tarqeeq (light) letters. 

In the example in the question: , there is an idghaam of the tanween on the letter  into the letter .  The correct recitation of this combination would be to recite the  and its accompanying fat-h with tafkheem or heaviness, then make the idghaam into the  which would have tarqeeq (lightness).

An example of an ikhfa’ that would have tafkheem, or heaviness, on the ghunnah is: .  Here, the reciter needs to hide the  saakinah of the first word, and during the ghunnah of the ikhfa’, get ready for the next letter, a , which is one of the seven letters of tafkheem.  The ghunnah therefore will have tafkheem or heaviness.  The seven letters of tafkheem are: , but only five of these are letters that cause ikhfa’ of the  saakinah and tanween: . 

Some students have a little difficulty making tarqeeq, or lightness of the ikhfa’, when the letter before the ikhfa’ is a tafkheem letter, and the letter after is one of tarqeeq.  An example of this is: .  The letter , which is the last letter of the first word is one of the seven letters of tafkheem, has a tanween dhammah on it.  The first letter of the next word is a , which causes ikhfa’ of the tanween, and at the same time is a letter of tarqeeq, or lightness.  To recite this ikhfa’ correctly, the reciter needs to make tafkheem of the  and its dhammah, then move into tarqeeq of the mouth during the ghunnah of the ikhfa’, preparing for the next letter, the .